All of the programs explained on this website offer kidpreneurs a two-tier commission paid affiliate program. Registered kidpreneurs will earn a 40-percent first-tier commission from any sale they make, and they will earn an additional 10 percent second-tier commission from any sale resulting from kids they introduce to the program who also register as an affiliate and who make sales.

If 10 friends register for this program as a result of you introducing them to the program, you will earn a 10-percent commission every time any of those 10 friends make a sale.

You can also track all of your commissions earned once you get registered to make money.

There is a link on the Get Started page that offers steps on how to introduce your friends and relatives who you think might be interested in earning extra money.

Be sure to learn all of the state and national laws/rules and regulations on marketing your kidpreneur business before you start introducing your friends and family members to the program.