Read All Carefully First

Be sure to read all before you take action.


These are the directions you will follow after you click on the special link you received.


Click on the special link you received.


After you click on the link you received, you will scroll down to the very bottom of the webpage and at the end of the copyright text on the right where it reads “all rights reserved”, you will see a light colored text link containing these four letters, “AALI” and you will click that 4-letter link.


After you click on the “AALI” link, you will be directed to a webpage where you will then click only on the “Join Today” link in the sentence on the page.


After clicking on the “Join Today” link, you will then register for another free membership account to the new website by following the exact same process you followed when you registered for the free membership access to No need to put those directions here again since you already know the process of receiving an email with the activation link to click.


Once you are all done registering for this next free membership, you will then log into your new free member account using your new username and password that you saved on your Passwords Document. You will have also received your username and password in the email during setup of this new free account.


Be sure to save your new username and password in your Passwords Document right away under the “My Affiliate Account First Protection Access” heading. Don’t wait to save this information. Do this step right away.


After you log in to this new free membership, you should be automatically directed to a page titled, “Affiliates – Masmoola Coupon Codes” where there will be a sentence on the top of that page under the “ATTENTION” title, and at the end of that sentence, you will see a link with the two letters, “MH”. Click on those two letters “MH” link to open up your next set of directions that will help you set up your affiliate account. This link will open up in a new tab so you can go back to the other tab to complete your affiliate registration as you read the directions.


Follow the directions to set up your new affiliate account. You will learn all about the importance of this account after you have completed the entire setup process.

Special Note

The reason you will set up a new free membership account to this new website is to give you access to your affiliate account. Your affiliate account will be double password protected inside of the membership account for your extra protection because of the importance of this affiliate account.

Important! Stay Focused!

In order to get through this entire setup process fast and without issues, be sure to stay focused on completing all of the steps in this entire setup process before you surf around in the new websites coming up. Not staying focused on this setup process can cause issues and delays. You can always come back at any time to any of the websites and surf around as long as you want once you complete this entire setup process.

Password Reset

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